Keep Your Family Safe: Step 1-Test for Radon

You and your family's health and well-being, is more than likely, one of the more important priorities in your life. That is why our mission is to ensure that you and your family can be safe from dangers of radon gas. The first step in protecting yourself from radon gas, is to find out exactly how your family is currently being affected. This is done through radon testing.

Home Remedy Tests: Why they do not work

Just like anything, there are cheaper solutions to solving problems. The same goes for radon testing. You can buy a home remedy radon testing kit from an online store, or even a local store down the street, but these tests will just not suffice. These tests do not give an accurate reading as they are not of the same quality of testing agent that radon professionals like Home Radon Pros use. 

If you had termites in your home, you may think about trying to remove the pests yourself, but would then realize that you run the risk of not thoroughly completing the job, and thus, would higher a professional to handle the work.  The same circumstance occurs with radon testing in your home. Home remedies may be a slightly cheaper option, but at what risk: the safety and health of you and your family. Professionals at Home Radon Pros go through DEP certifications and are properly trained to test for radon. This allows our team to accurately set up radon testing, and give you an accurate level of radon in your home. Is your family's health worth a few extra dollars and an unrest mind? Let Home Radon Pros take the stress away and keep your family safe.

Your Home Has Been Tested: the Next Step

You took the first step to keeping your family safe and had your home tested for radon, but now what? Well the next step is determined by what the radon level of your home is.

Your radon test level came back with a level of 4 pCi/l, the recommended action level by the EPA. The next step in the radon removal process is to have Home Radon Pros implement a radon mitigation system, or radon removal system. The type of system that we will use will be determined on the type of home and basement you have, but we will work with you to determine what the best option will be. Of course, you could continue to live with high levels of radon in your home, but why would you place your family at risk? 

Your Home is at a Safe Radon Level

This is great news to hear. Your radon levels in your home are below the recommended action levels. However, this does not mean to rest on the danger of radon. Make sure to have your home tested again in the opposite season to ensure the most accurate results. The composition of the soil below your home is constantly changing, and this can cause radon levels to change inside your home.