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Pittsburgh's Most-Trusted Radon Mitigation and Testing Professionals

Radon Services

Whether you are a homeowner, real estate agent, or business owner, Home Radon Pros provides Pittsburgh Radon mitigation and testing services to those who are looking to keep their loved ones safe from the dangers of Radon. We focus on providing our clients quality Radon services that give you accurate information, are tailored to your needs, and keep you safe. Read our reviews from our clients in Pittsburgh and West Virginia to see why families choose Home Radon Pros for their Radon needs.

Pittsburgh Radon Testing

Radon Testing

The only way to know if your home is safe from Radon is to conduct Radon testing. 4 out of 10 homes in Pittsburgh have high Radon levels. Home Radon Pros is the top rated Radon testing company in Pittsburgh by google

Pittsburgh Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation

Since 2017, our Radon mitigation team has installed custom-built Radon remediation systems in over a thousand households and businesses in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. We use only the best FESTA Radon fans for all our Radon removal systems.

Radon in Pittsburgh

Radon and Realtors

Home Radon Pros works directly with real estate agents all over Pittsburgh to provide their clients with affordable Radon mitigation and testing. We focus on providing fast services for our realtors so that a sale of a home is not compromised.

Home Radon Pros: Our Story

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Our story begins in 2017 when we lost a loved one to the battle of lung cancer. What surprised us was how something so tragic could happen to someone who never smoked a day in their life. Although the time was difficult, understanding the why and the how was important to us. 

After speaking with several doctors, we discovered that Radon gas has the ability to cause lung cancer, even in those who do not smoke. Radon was something we had never heard of before, but after further research, discovered it was something very common to the Pittsburgh area where our beloved mother/grandmother had spent a large majority of their life. Understanding its prominence in the area, we decided to have radon testing conducted in her home; The results were terrifying.

The home came back over two times over the recommended EPA level. She was living in a Radon induced home for over 40 years, and had no idea it was impacting her health, and unfortunately, would result in us losing her.

Although tragic, this event caused Bill and Zan to realize the severity of Radon and the impact it can have on the thousands of families in the Pittsburgh area. Bill and Zan did not want others to go through the same turmoil, and they created Home Radon Pros to give Pittsburgh a solution to Radon. 

The vision of Home Radon Pros is; to protect Pittsburgh families from the dangers of Radon through Radon mitigation and Radon testing practices; to educate local communities in order to spread the seriousness of Radon to those who are unaware; and to assure families that their health and well-being is safe with quality products and services that will last beyond the first interaction.

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Our Mission

At Home Radon Pros, the safety and well-being of your loved ones is our top priority. By removing the danger of Radon in your home, you are able to rest easy knowing your family's health and lifestyle are protected.


At Home Radon Pros, the safety and well-being of your loved ones is our top priority. By removing the danger of Radon in your home, you are able to rest easy knowing your family's health and lifestyle are protected.


The dangers of Radon are real, but hardly known by many. At Home Radon Pros, we partner with local Pittsburgh communities, schools, and social groups in order to educate families on the severity of Radon in Pittsburgh.


To give families peace of mind, we use only high-quality materials from local Pittsburgh Radon manufacturer FESTA tech. 

Our relationship does not end after the job is complete. At Home Radon Pros, we continually follow up to ensure Radon does not come back as a danger to you and your family.

Radon in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh's Top Rated Radon Mitigation Company

Want to know why Home Radon Pros is the highest rated Pittsburgh Radon mitigation company? Look at our Google, Yelp!, and Facebook reviews to see what our clients in Pittsburgh, both homeowners and real estate agents, are saying about our Radon removal and testing services.

Alexander Sundermann

Bill took the time to explain everything on a phone call: our high reading we did, what types of mitigation could be performed, how its done, and what to expect. Bill and his coworker came out the following week and installed everything in under 5 hours. They were both professional and respectful while working in our home. The installation price was great compared to other companies.

Colleen Thompson

I'm very pleased with the service that I received from Home Radon Pros. They were able to schedule the repair of my mitigation fan quickly. Bill was great at communicating when he would arrive and he gave thorough details about the repairs that were involved. He answered all of our questions and helped to put my mind at ease. He explained that the current fan we were using was too small for the size of our house and installed a larger one. They seem to honestly care about their work and educating customers about the radon in their home. I am so glad that I chose Home Radon Pros and I would happily refer them to others. Thanks!

Doug S.

This company is extremely knowledgeable in the field in which they work. They explained the whole process to me, from the initial testing, to the pipe/fan install, to the after install testing. If you need or think you need a radon test or pipe I would definitely call Home Radon Pros. They are "good people" as they saying goes. They are very friendly and polite and will talk to you like a valued customer from day one.  You should call them up today! 5 stars FOR REAL!

Why You Should Consider Radon Testing in Pittsburgh

Radon Causes Cancer

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind cigarettes, in the United States. According to the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) Radon is responsible for 21,000 deaths a year in the US alone. That is 49 times more deaths than carbon monoxide (430 carbon monoxide deaths a year). More than likely, you already have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, so why would you not have your home tested for Radon?

Pittsburgh Radon Levels Are High

The EPA says that 1 out of 15 homes in the United States recorded an unsafe level of Radon. However, 4 out of 10 homes in the Pittsburgh area have Radon levels higher than the EPA recommended action level. This means there is a high chance your family is being exposed to the dangers of Radon.

Radon Testing is Easy and Affordable

Home Radon Pros provides Radon testing in Pittsburgh and can easily service you and your family. With us, all you need to do is sit back and let our Radon professionals do the work. We use only high quality continuous Radon monitors to get accurate results for your home. Radon testing is affordable and can be completed as quickly as 48 hours. 

Is Radon in Pittsburgh a Problem?

Radon in Pittsburgh

The DEP states that 40% of Pittsburgh homes are above the EPA's recommend action level for Radon. This makes Pittsburgh one of the worst cities in the country for Radon gas. 


Pittsburgh is an older city, which means a lot of our homes are older. This means our foundations may have more cracks, floors and walls have more gaps, and ventilation systems not as efficient as they could be. This allows Radon gas to seep into your home at higher doses.

Many homes in the Pittsburgh area have basements, and or crawl spaces, these are hot beds for Radon gas to be trapped, and eventually move throughout your home.

The mountainous terrain of Pittsburgh leads for the composition of the ground underneath your home to move more frequently. This causes Radon levels to constantly change over time. This means that testing your home for Radon once, may not necessarily give you an accurate reading for the future.

Fracking impacts Radon levels for the same reasons as the terrain shifting would. As the ground underneath homes in the Pittsburgh area is being impacted, Radon gas will have an easier way to move up into your home.

The climate in Pittsburgh, as we all know, is not very consistent. Temperature changes can drastically affect Radon levels. Again, the best way to get the most accurate reading of Radon levels in your home is to have your home tested for Radon more than just once.

Frequently Asked Questions About Radon Removal and Radon Testing

How Much Does A Radon Mitigation System Cost?

Are the Radon Professionals at Home Radon Pros Certified?

80% of Pittsburgh Radon mitigation systems can be installed between $1200-$1400. It all depends on the type of basement/foundation your home has. Home Radon Pros will come out to your home and walk you through the possible options and give you a free estimate on the cost of a Radon removal system. 

Our Radon professionals at Home Radon Pros are certified through the DEP and have all necessary licenses to operate on any home in the state of Pennsylvania. You should NEVER have your home serviced for Radon by an unlicensed person/company.

Do I Need To Test My Home If It Is New?

My Neighbor Had Their Home Tested. Do I Still Need To?

Most newly constructed homes in Pittsburgh are NOT tested for Radon. Some new homes are built with passive Radon systems, but these systems are not nearly as effective as a Radon mitigation system installed by a Radon professional. Home Radon Pros recommends testing your newly built home before you move in, or as soon as possible.

Are Radon Removal Systems Unsightly?

Other Radon companies do not care about the beauty of your home, and will often cut corners to get their job done as quickly as possible. Some companies will even charge you for additional aesthetic upgrades.

Home Radon Pros will build you a custom-built Radon mitigation system that will tie into the beauty of your home, for no additional charge. Our first priority is to keep you and your family safe, but secondly, we want you to be happy with how your system looks.

Radon levels vary from home to home. Just because your next door neighbor had low Radon levels, does not mean your home will. Different basement types and ground conditions can cause drastic differences between homes. Protect your family and test for Radon today.

My Home Came Back With Low Levels of Radon. Am I Good?

That’s great! Testing for Radon is the first step to keeping you and your family safe. Radon testing should be conducted once every two years to ensure your radon levels are not changing.

Have more questions about Radon? Give us a call and a Radon professional will answer any question you may have.

Radon Remediation Pittsburgh

Steps To Protecting Your Family From Radon


Radon Testing

The only way to know if your home is being affected by Radon is to test for it. Some companies use lower quality radon testing devices, but at Home Radon Pros, we use RadStar Continuous Radon Monitors to give you an accurate hour by hour break down of your Radon level.


Reviewing Your Radon level

The EPA recommends action at all Radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L, but no level of Radon is safe for you and your family. After our Radon professionals review your level and the damage it can cause, it is up to you on what you want the next action to be.


Radon mitigation

If you want to bring your home's Radon levels down, a Radon mitigation, or Radon removal, system is the best option. The type of system you need will depend on your home's basement type and Radon level.



The EPA recommends testing for radon once every two years. This is good practice to ensure that your home's Radon levels have not fluctuated too much.


Radon Fan Maintenance

All of our fans at Home Radon Pros come with a 5 year warranty, but will typically last much longer than that. However, after some time, Radon fans get weaker over time. Home Radon Pros can easily replace your old worn out fan with a brand new one.

Pittsburgh Radon Blog

Stay up to date on all Pittsburgh radon information with our radon blog. 

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