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Pittsburgh Radon Mitigation

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Radon mitigation is the process of lowering the amount of Radon in a home or building. If your home has a high level of Radon, don’t worry, our Radon professionals have installed hundreds of Radon remediation systems in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. Our certified and trained Radon specialists are trained and licensed to get your home under the EPA recommended action level of 4.0.


Not every Radon removal system is the same and the type of system your home needs is based on several factors such as size, age, and soil conditions. The Radon mitigation system your neighbor has may not be the same system you will need in your home. Our team will walk you through exactly where the best location is to get your home’s Radon levels as low as possible. 

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How Do Radon Remediation Systems Work?

The goal of any type of Radon mitigation system is to create a depressurized zone underneath the foundation of your home. The system works by having the Radon fan pull air from underneath your home up and out above your roof line, away from your family. The foundation your home sits on will determine the type of reduction system you will need. At Home Radon Pros, we take the time to seal all cracks in your foundation to ensure your system pulls as much air as possible – leading to lower levels of Radon. Once your system is installed, there is nothing else you need to worry about.

How Long Does Radon Removal Take?

When your Radon removal system is installed, your Radon levels will begin to lower as soon as the next day. The time to install a Radon system can vary depending on the type and size of a home. On average, most remediation systems can be installed in less than a day, typically around 5 hours. Our Radon professionals are trained and have experience installing systems in different styles of homes, businesses, and other commercial buildings. Protecting families in Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas, is a top priority for us, so we will work with you to get a system scheduled  for you as soon as possible

Radon Mitigation Systems

Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation System

More than 90% of Radon mitigation systems are sub-slab systems. This system is used when your home sits on a concrete slab. Our team will drill a hole in the slab, and remove 15-20 gallons of dirt underneath and use PVC to go from the hole to the outside of your home where a Radon fan will be used to pull air from under the home and above the roof.

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Passive Radon System Pittsburgh

Passive Radon System

Newly constructed homes in Pittsburgh are typically built with passive Radon systems. These system DO NOT have a Radon fan, but are merely PVC piping that goes from the basement through your home and out the roof. Unfortunately, these systems are not typically installed correctly by home builders and are often not effective even when they are. Our team can easily activate these systems with the addition of a Radon fan in your attic.

Sub-Membrane Radon Remediation System

Sub membrane Radon removal systems are installed when a home has exposed dirt or a crawl space. This involves covering the exposed area with a membrane and sealant to prevent air from escaping. PVC piping is then installed under the membrane and attached to a Radon fan outside the home or building. Crawl space Radon systems are typically the most expensive.

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The Home Radon Pros Difference 

Custom-built Radon Systems

Our Radon professionals are licensed and trained to give you the most aesthetically pleasing Radon mitigation system in Pittsburgh. We use high quality material such as downspout for the outside of the home for a cleaner look and schedule 40 PVC piping that gives you a quieter, sturdier, more effective Radon system. Our team will walk with you before any work starts to ensure the Radon system is placed where it will be effective and in a place that you want.

The Best Radon Fans in the Business

Not only do we brag about the high quality of our Radon fans, but we also take pride that they are Pittsburgh made. Located in Cranberry, PA, we only use FESTA brand Radon fans that out perform any other Radon fan on the market. Festa has a large variety of fans that can be used in all ages, sizes, styles, and soil conditions to give you the most efficient Radon remediation system.

Free Radon Test

We cut no corners when installing your system, but we want to make sure that you are getting an unbiased result after your system is installed. Our team will leave you with a FREE Radon test after the installation that you set up and send away yourself. After a few days, we both get a copy of the results and if the levels are not where you want them to be, we will talk through additional steps that can be taken to get your home safe.

Licensed, Experienced, and Trusted

We let our work speak for itself and we strive to give families a quality Radon system from the moment we speak to them. We got into the Radon industry because we lost a loved one and we do not want others to go through the same pain we suffered. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we are going to give you the Radon system we would want if it were our home. Our team is licensed in both PA and WV, and we over 30 years of experience combined. We encourage all of our future clients to check out our reviews on Google and see what Pittsburgh families have to say about Home Radon Pros.

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