Pittsburgh Radon Mitigation

Your Home has High Radon Levels: The Next Step

You have taken the proper precaution in keeping you and your family safe by having radon testing conducted in your home. Your Pittsburgh radon levels came back higher than you expected, or at a level you do not feel is safe to have your family exposed to. The next step is to have the radon mitigated, or the radon removed, from your home. The manner in which our radon professionals will go about this is dependent on the type of basement you have or the type of foundation your home sits on. Our Pittsburgh radon professionals will walk you through exactly what will be needed to remove radon from your home to bring your levels down to a safe zone.

Types of Radon Mitigation Systems

Concrete Slab- If your home sits on a concrete slab, our Pittsburgh radon professionals will look to remove radon by sub slab depressurization. This process involves creating a negative pressurized zone and pulling all the radon to a radon fan. This fan will suck the radon up and move it outside your home, above your roof.

Block Wall- If you have concrete block in your basement, we will create a suction point within the wall. The radon will be pulled from this suction point to the fan and the radon will be removed outside of the home and above the roof.

Sub Membrane Seal- If your home has a crawl space, we will create a seal between the crawl space and the bottom level of your home. The radon will then be removed, by a fan, above the roof of your home.

For all homes, we will seal any gaps in the floors and walls, preventing radon from seeping into your basement. All fans we use are high quality Festa fans. Unlike many fans used by competitors, that often turn a gross yellowish color, these fans have a lifetime warranty of staying a clean white.

Our team also includes trained carpenters, which allows us to give your Pittsburgh home a custom built radon mitigation system that keeps your family safe, while not sacrificing the look of your home.