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Radon Fan Replacement

Are you in need of a Radon fan replacement because your Radon system is no longer working properly or even running? Unfortunately, a lot of Radon companies in Pittsburgh use cheaper lower quality Radon fans that do not last as long or perform as well as the Festa brand Radon fans we use at Home Radon Pros.

If your Radon fan is no longer working, your Radon system is not keeping you and your family safe. Our team can replace your Radon fan with the proper fan for your home's size and foundation conditions in order to get your family breathing safely again.

The Home Radon Pros Radon Fan Guarantee:

  • All our Radon fans come with a 5 year warranty

  • Our fans do not make loud noise and will not interfere with the lifestyle of you and your family

  • Where competitor fans turn an ugly pale yellow, our fans are installed white and stay white

  • We do not cookie cut our Radon fans. We use several different models that are utilized for different types of homes and foundations.

Lawerenceville Radon.jpg

If you have a Radon system, we recommend that you ensure it is working once every six months, especially if you purchased a home with an existing Radon removal system already installed. To ensure your system is functioning properly and keeping your home safe, the EPA recommends that you test your home for Radon once every two years.

How To Tell If Your Radon Mitigation System is Working

There are several indicators to look for in order to determine if your Radon removal system is still working and working properly. Following our three easy step process will help you in deciding if you need help from a Radon professional.

Radon Fan Replacement.jpg


Is your U-Tube manometer (pictured left) completely flat. If so, that means your Radon fan is no longer pulling any air and may be turned off or completely broken


Is your Radon fan making loud noise? If this is the case, your Radon fan may be broken and should be looked at by a Radon professional.


Do you have an existing Radon remediation system in your home, but recently did a Radon test only to find out our levels are high? Not to worry, our team conducts FREE system check ups to ensure we can the necessary measures to keeping your home safe.

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