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Allegheny County Radon Mitigation

Allegheny county Radon levels are some of the highest in the country. Allegheny county is located in Western Pennsylvania, and is the county that encompasses the city of Pittsburgh.


Allegheny county is home to over 1.2 million people within 537 thousand households with 43% having Radon gas levels above the EPA's 4.0 pCi/L recommended action level requiring Radon mitigation in Allegheny County.


Founded in 1788, Allegheny county is full of history. Allegheny county is home to 12 colleges and universities, along with 45 different school districts. According to, the average radon level in Allegheny County is 6.5 pCi/L.


This puts families, schools, and businesses at risk for Radon induced lung cancer. The best way to protect against loved ones from Radon is Radon testing in Allegheny County. Home Radon Pros have installed hundreds of Radon mitigation systems in Allegheny County and can help solve your Radon problem today!

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Allegheny County Radon Levels

Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon levels in Allegheny County are above the DEP and EPA recommended action level.

Radon is measured in pCi/L or picocuries per liter of air. A level of 4.0 is the same radiation equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day! With 43% of homes having Radon levels above this in Allegheny County, the best thing you can do is have Radon testing conducted in your home. This is the ONLY way to know your house's Radon level.

Allegheny County Radon Mitigation

   Radon Results over 4 pCi/L

   Radon Results between 2 and 3.9 pCi/L

   Radon Results below 2pCi/L

The Home Radon Pros Process

  1. Call us for Radon testing in your home. We use advanced Continuous Radon Monitors to determine hourly levels of Radon in your home.

  2. Our Radon pro will review your results after 48 hours and determine what the best next step for you will be.

  3. If your home comes back elevated, we will install a Radon remediation system that will lower your home's levels down to safety. 

  4. We will give you a FREE Radon test to check the level of your home after the system has been installed

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Do you have a Radon system, but it is not working properly? Do you have a passive Radon system but want to lower your home's levels? No worries! Home Radon Pros can service broken systems AND we can turn your  "passive" system into a full blown active Radon mitigation system.

Allegheny County Areas of Service

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