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Pittsburgh Radon Levels

The average level of radon in a Pennsylvania home is 7-8 pCi/L. That is twice the recommended action level of the EPA. Pittsburgh radon levels are just as high, with 4 out of 10 homes being affected by levels over the recommended action level. Just because your neighbors home has a low level of radon, does not mean yours will. The mountainous terrain of Pittsburgh, leads the composition of the ground to be drastically different, even a few yards away. Below you can find information on your specific county and the radon levels that may be affecting your home.

Pittsburgh Radon Levels

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Pittsburgh Radon Areas of Service

Home Radon Pros proudly services the above Pittsburgh areas. Not only do we focus on providing radon testing and radon removal, or radon mitigation services, but we also strive to educate our local Pittsburgh communities on the dangers of radon so that we can contribute to a safe and healthy city of Pittsburgh. Click on your county above to see more specific radon information to that area.

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