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Canonsburg Radon Levels

Radon in Canonsburg is at an unusually high level. Canonsburg is located in Washington County Pennsylvania and has 8,607 homes. Canonsburg was deemed "the most radioactive town in America." Madame Curie conducted several studies in the area due to its radio-activeness. Levels of Radon measurement actually come from her studies (pico CURIE)

Canonsburg radon levels are 4.1 pCi/L. This is above the EPA recommended action level. If you live in Canonsburg, Home Radon Pros recommends conducting Radon testing in your home.

Canonsburg Radon

Radon Testing in Canonsburg

Looking for Radon testing near Canonsburg PA? Home Radon Pros uses Continous Radon Monitors to test for Radon accurately. We will provide you with an hourly report of your home's Radon level with this device to determine if Radon removal is right for you and your family.


Radon Mitigation in Canonsburg

Home Radon Pros offers Radon mitigation services to families living in Canonsburg. Most Radon removal systems can be installed for under $1000 dollars. The only way to know what type of Radon mitigation system you would need in your home, is to call a Radon professional for a free estimate.

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