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Radon Levels in Clarksburg WV

As a homeowner in Clarksburg West Virginia, you may or may not have heard about the dangers of Radon gas and the impact that high Radon levels can have on you and your loved ones inside your home. Unfortunately, 15.3% of homes in Clarksburg WV are elevated over the EPA recommended action level. Just how much harm can this gas cause to your and your family? Well, levels at the EPA recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/L are equivalent to the radiation in smoking 10 cigarettes a day or receiving 200 chest X-rays a year. Fortunately, testing for Radon and Radon mitigation in Clarksburg, West Virginia and all of Harrison county is a simple and relatively quick problem to solve.

Highlighted below are some important facts and statistics about Radon gas and Radon mitigation Clarksburg, West Virginia residents and homeowners should consider:

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. The only way to know if you have Radon is to test for it. Radon can be found not only in homes, but in commercial buildings, and schools as well.

Radon induced lung cancer is caused by the breaking down of cells that line the walls of the lung. Exposure of elevated Radon levels over time will lead to increased risk of lung cancer. For younger children, this risk is increased due to their smaller lung capacity and increased respiratory rate.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers, claiming over 21,000 lives every single year. The surgeon general considers Rn a class A carcinogen, which means that it is known to cause cancer in humans.

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How Homeowners in Clarksburg can fix Radon problems

Whether you are new to the Clarksburg area or have lived here for a long time, Radon gas is a potential problem you and your family may face. The first step to understanding if your home is at risk, is to conduct Radon testing.


Radon testing in Clarksburg and ALL of West Virginia is free. You can learn more about how to obtain your free test here . You can also buy a DIY test kit from a local hardware store, or purchase a continuous Radon monitoring device such as the Radon Eye which will give you hour by hour readings of your home.


Regardless of the testing method, you should contact a Radon professional to review your results. On average, 15.3% percent of homes need Radon mitigation in Clarksburg due to the levels of Radon being above the EPA recommend action level.

Your results will determine your next step. If your results are below what you feel comfortable with you can forego any further action (some homeowners will choose to have a Radon remediation installed even when their levels come back low). Our recommendation is that for homeowners living in Clarksbur, Radon testing should be done every two years as levels will fluctuate over time.


If your results are above what you feel are safe, or if you are selling or buying a home and the levels are over the EPA action level, your next step is to reduce the Radon in your home. Radon removal or Radon mitigation in Clarksburg, West Virginia can typically be completed in less than a day. This process will require a Radon company like Home Radon Pros to create a negative depressurized zone underneath your home, and the addition of a Radon fan to pull the air with the Radon out from under your home and above your roof line.


If you have a new construction home, you may have what is called a “passive Radon system” which will just require the addition of a Radon fan. Passive Radon mitigation systems in Clarksburg can be added to a majority of newly built homes.

Radon remediation clarksburg

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Commercial Radon Mitigation in Clarksburg

Radon is not just in residential homes, but can also be found in commercial buildings and even schools. Commercial Radon Mitigation in Clarksburg, is something that more and more businesses are considering to keep their employees safe. Although the process of installing a Radon remediation system in a commercial building is slightly different, the steps to determining if it is right for your building is the same. Commercial building Radon testing is the first step to determining if Radon removal is necessary.


Even more important in Radon testing schools near Clarksburg, West Virginia. As our children spend just as much time in the classroom as they do at home, it is of equal importance to test the schools our children attend. In order to know if Radon testing in Liberty High School has been completed, contact your super intendent. Our team is licensed and certified to conduct Radon testing and Radon removal in commercial and public buildings, including schools.

Facts and Figures about Clarksburg West Virginia 

Founded in 1785, Clarksburg is located in Harrison County West Virginia. Clarksburg is home to over 16,037 people living in 7,018 households. The school district for Clarksburg is Harrison county school district. Liberty Highschool can be found at 1 mountaineer dr, clarksburg, WV 26301

while the municipal building can be found at 222 W main st, Clarksburg, WV 26301. The police department can be located at at the same address. Radon testing in Clarksburg WV should be done for all homes and Radon mitigation completed for any home above 4.0 pCi/L


The Clarksburg area has the following zip codes which have the above average Radon levels are 26301, 26302, and 26330.  The local geo coordinates for Clarksburg are at Latitude: 39° 16' 50.34" N Longitude: -80° 20' 40.31" W

Buying or selling your home in Clarksburg?

Are you looking to sell or buy a home in Clarksburg area? If so, more and more home buyers are looking to have Radon testing in Clarksburg WV completed during the home inspection. If the Radon test comes back high, then the buyer can negotiate with the seller to place a Radon system in the home. Home Radon Pros has installed Radon mitigation systems in Clarksburg West Virginia area.


For real estate transactions, Radon reduction systems can be installed quickly to advance the sale of the home. This is not something that we would encourage you to waive if you are buying a home. For homes in Clarksburg West Virginia Radon mitigation systems increase the value of the home and will increase the life expectancy of those living in it.

Realtors looking for Radon mitigation in Clarksburg

There are several available realtors and real estate agents in Clarksburg WV. Realtors looking to perform Radon mitigation system in Clarksburg West Virginia can contact the Radon professionals at Home Radon Pros for how we can add value to your real estate team.


Home Radon Pros services all of Harrison county, WV including Clarksburg for Radon removal. We encourage our realtors and homeowners to view what our clients say about us on Google to see why we are West Virginia's most trusted Radon company.

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