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Radon Levels in Mount Lebanon

Want to know what the Radon levels are in Mount Lebanon PA? Home Radon Pros has information on Mount lebo Radon levels. Mt. Lebanon is located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, right outside of Pittsburgh. Mt. Lebo is home to 39,893 people. The average Radon level in Mount Lebanon is 3.6 pCi/L. This is below the EPA recommended action level of 4.0. The max level tested was 73.0 pCi/L. Even with the average home being .4 pCi/L below the recommended action level, residents are still encouraged to test for Radon.

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Mount Lebanon has 5 zip codes. 15228 and 15234 had the highest radon levels at 3.6 on average. 15216 had the lowest at only 3.2. The highest level of radon tested was 189 in the 15216 zip code. Do you live in either of these zip codes? Call Home Radon Pros today to find out your home's radon level!

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Radon Testing in Mt. Lebanon

Looking for Radon testing near Mount Lebanon? Home Radon Pros offers top radon testing in the mount lebanon area. We use Continuous Radon Monitors to get hour by hour levels so that you can determine if further steps need to be taken to keep your family safe. Testing for Radon is easy and affordable. Our professional will come in and set up our CRM and return 48 hours later with a full report of your readings. Home Radon Pros offers radon testing in Mount Lebo.

Radon Mitigation in Mt. Lebanon

Need Radon mitigation near you? Home Radon Pros offers radon mitigation in Mount Lebanon PA. Radon removal is recommended when your home's Radon levels are over the EPA recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/L. If you have previously had your home tested for Radon, Home Radon Pros can help you take the next step in keeping your family safe. Home Radon Pros is the best radon mitigation company in Mt Lebanon, as we only use top quality FESTA Radon fans for all of our removal systems. We will walk your through each step of the process and ensure that your custom-built Radon system is to your liking and will remove enough Radon from your home so that your family can be safe. If you need a Radon Mitigation near Mount Lebanon, do not wait, call Home Radon Pros today!

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