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Ohio County Radon Mitigation

Ohio County Radon Mitigation

Ohio County Radon Levels

Ohio County Radon levels are some of the highest in the country. In fact, Ohio county has some of the highest Radon levels in the state of West Virginia

Home to 42 thousand people, Ohio County residents are at risk for Radon induced lung cancer. The EPA recommends that home owners take action if their Radon levels are above 4.0 pCi/L. The average level in Ohio County is 6.6 pCi/L. The recommended action is Radon mitigation in Ohio County homes with any level over 4.0.

Ohio County Radon Levels

Counties in RED

elevated above 4.0

Counties in ORANGE

 between 2.0-3.9

Counties in YELLOW

under 2.0

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Radon Testing in Ohio County

Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon levels in Ohio County are at or above the DEP and EPA recommended action level.

Radon is measured in pCi/L or picocuries per liter of air. A level of 4.0 is the same radiation equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day! With 37% of homes having Radon levels above this in Ohio County, the best thing you can do is have Radon testing conducted in your home. This is the ONLY way to know your house's Radon level.

Radon Tests are FREE for Ohio County Residents

This is not a joke- Radon tests are provided free of charge to home owners living in West Virginia. There are two ways to obtain your free Radon test:

STEP 1: Email or call 304-352-5039 and request your free test

STEP 2: Set up your Radon test in the lowest living level of your home- typically a basement. Leave the test untouched for at least 48. You will then send the test to a lab through the mail 

STEP 3: Review your results from the lab via email. These results will arrive in 1-2 weeks.

STEP 4: Give our team at Home Radon Pros a call and we will provide you with a FREE estimate and action plan to install a Radon mitigation system in your home. Once the system is installed, you will see results within 24 hours!

STEP 5: Sleep peacefully knowing that you and your loved ones are protected from the dangers of Radon gas

The Home Radon Pros Process

  1. Our team has been testing and installing Radon remediation systems since 2017. With over 2,000 families saved, our team will help protect your household with the care as if it were our own

  2. We are licensed and certified to give you a system that will work and not take away from the aesthetics of your home. We always walk through our action plan before beginning any work on your home.

  3. Having experienced loss from Radon induced lung cancer, our team will provide you with the best working system from the first attempt. We only use the highest quality products and our FESTA Radon fans are the best in the business.

  4. We will provide you with a free follow up Radon test to see how the system impacted your home. Our systems are backed by a 2 year parts and labor guarantee and our fan has a 5 year warranty

  5. We pride ourselves on doing what we say we will do from the start. If you ever have an issue with your system or any questions, you can rest assured that our team will answer when you call. Check out our review on google from clients we have worked with in the past.

Ohio county radon remediation
Home Radon Pros Reviews 2023

Do you have a Radon system, but it is not working properly? Do you have a passive Radon system but want to lower your home's levels? No worries! Home Radon Pros can service broken systems AND we can turn your  "passive" system into a full blown active Radon mitigation system.

Ohio County Areas of Radon Service

Home Radon Pros provides Radon services to all areas in Ohio County Whether you are a homeowner, business, or real estate agent, we have the services you need to keep the ones around you, safe. Click on your county below to find out more Radon information specific to the area you live in.

Windsor Heights Radon 

Bethlehem Radon

Triadelphia Radon

West Liberty Radon

Clearview Radon

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