Penn-Trafford Radon Levels

Need radon testing in the Penn-Trafford area? Home Radon Pros provides all the radon services you will need. The Penn-Trafford area is located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Penn-Trafford is the home for 19,580 people. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Penn-Trafford area had radon tests conducted. The average radon level of a Penn-Trafford home is 4.9 pCi/L and the max radon level of a home was 304.0 pCi/L. The radon levels in the Penn-Trafford area are, on average, 0.9 pCi/L above the EPA's recommended action level. Home Radon Pros provides radon testing and radon removal services to families that live in the Penn-Trafford area. Call today to protect your family from the dangers of radon.

Live in Penn-Trafford? Home Radon Pros Services the Penn-Trafford Area.

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