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Franklin Park Radon: Home Radon Pros

Updated: May 31, 2020

Franklin Park radon has been a problem for home owners and families in the area for several years. Franklin Park homes, on average, are well above the EPA's (environmental protection agency) recommended action level for unsafe radon conditions. With the radon problem in Western Pennsylvania, and the entire Pittsburgh area getting worse, not knowing your home's radon levels could cause you and your family some serious health risks. But just how dangerous is this gas, and why haven't you been warned of it before?

If you have lived in Franklin Park within the last year, this probably isn't the first time you have heard about radon and the damage it can do to your health. But for those who are not aware, here is a brief overview of radon, and why it is so harmful to those who are overly exposed to it.

Franklin Park Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that exists everywhere on the planet. Radon comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil, and then rises to the air. In most cases, radon gas dissipates through the outside air, but in the case of the ground underneath your home, radon creeps into your basement through small cracks in your foundation. Since radon is one of the densest gases, it typically condenses in your basement, or first floor. This is where the danger begins, as radon becomes more and more condense, its harmful effects are magnified.

Why is Radon Dangerous?

But why is radon considered "dangerous," and why should you be concerned? First off, radon is responsible for 21,000 deaths every single year in the United States. These deaths are lung cancer related as radon attaches to dust particles in the air that you breath. Radon then breaks down the inner lining of your lungs and creates a higher risk for lung cancer to occur. Radon levels, at the point where the EPA recommends you take action, are just as radioactive as 100 chest X-rays in a year, or twenty-five times the number of chest X-rays doctors recommend you have in a year. This makes radon the most deadly threat in your home.

Franklin Park Radon Levels

So the EPA recommends that you take action against radon in your home at a level of 4.0 pCi/L (the density of radon in an area). But where does Franklin Park radon levels sit in comparison to this level? the answer is well above this. Of the three zip codes in Franklin Park, all three are at least 75% above this 4.0 pCi/L level. Pittsburgh radon levels are notoriously high when compared to the rest of the country as four in ten homes have radon levels above 4.0; Franklin Park makes up a good majority of these homes. Not all homes are in danger, but is that a chance you would want to take with you and your family? How are you supposed to know if this silent killer is harming your family?

Radon Testing

Franklin Park residents can easily find out what their home's radon levels are. The answer to this is by conducting radon testing. Radon professionals can determine your home's levels with tools such as continuous radon monitors, that will determine radon in your home over a specific period of time. These monitors are extremely precise and much more accurate than home test kits. Radon testing is easy and can typically be done within two days. From there, your radon professional can walk you through the affect radon is having on your home and can help you make the next step.

If your home tests low for radon, great, you and your family are safe. However, if your home comes back with high radon levels, the next step to remove the radon is to have a radon mitigation system placed in your home. Good radon professionals will help determine the exact type of radon removal system you will need, and will make sure that it is something that keeps you and your family safe, while not compromising the aesthetics of your home. 80% of Franklin Park radon mitigation systems can be implemented for under $1,000. An affordable price to pay for your family's health and well-being.

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What Should You Do?

Radon Professionals at Home Radon Pros recommend that all families have their home tested for radon. For families living in Franklin Park in particular should highly consider radon testing due to the high percentage of homes that report radon levels well above the EPA recommended action level.If you care about you and your family's health, radon testing is a no-brainer. Protect your family:Test for radon

Our Story

Home Radon Pros formed when we lost a loved one to lung cancer in 2017. What we couldn’t understand was why this happened as they had never smoked in their lifetime. After speaking with the doctors, it was determined that the lung cancer was most likely caused by radon gas. We had the home tested, and the results came back twice as high as the EPA recommended action level. This drove us to learn everything we could about radon in order to spread the word to Pittsburgh families about this deadly gas. Our goal is that we can educate all of Pittsburgh so that other families do not have to experience the same misfortune.

If you are interested in radon testing or radon mitigation in Franklin Park or other areas within Pittsburgh, feel free to give us a call at 412-584-0799. A radon professional would be more than happy to help you answer any questions you may have. You can also email me, Zan, directly at

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