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Radon in Peters Township

Updated: May 31, 2020

Home Radon Pros was interviewed by In Community magazine for the Peters Township issue. Bill talks about why radon is prevalent in peters township, and the surrounding Pittsburgh communities. It is so important to spread this message to friends and families so that they are aware of radon, the silent killer.

Home Radon Pros Peters Township

Do you know what the biggest danger in your home is? Is it house fires? Carbon monoxide? The answer is radon. Radon, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas, that is often only thought of by homeowners when they are buying or selling their home. The reality is, is that every home is affected by radon, and elevated radon levels can have a harmful effect on you and your family. Radon is a serious problem. It’s the number-one killer in people’s homes, claiming more than 21,000 deaths each year – greater than the total number of deaths caused by drunk driving, house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning combined. These statistics come from the CDC, DEP ,and EPA.

Bill Kail, owner of Home Radon Pros, a locally owned radon testing and removal company, said the problem is unique to each home and largely depends on soil conditions beneath your home. “Just because your neighbor’s house has low radon levels doesn’t necessarily mean your home will too,” says Kail. “If soil conditions change, then radon levels in your home can change,” Kail said. “In the Pittsburgh area, with constant weather changes, and events like fracking that change the soil conditions, radon levels are constantly changing. The only way to know if your home has elevated levels of radon is to have your home tested. Unfortunately, people assume that if their home did not test high when they purchased it, they’re safe, and they feel that they do not need to have it tested again. This is something that I wouldn’t risk for my family, as radon levels can change even in as short of a time as the change of seasons. The EPA, and myself, encourage all homeowners to consider radon testing at least once every two years to ensure their loved ones are living

in a safe home.” Kail says that Home Radon Pros is focused on educating families in the Pittsburgh area so that they can inform other family members and friends. “I love this city, and I want the people here to be able to sleep at night without the worry of radon gas harming them and their families.”

Radon in Peters Township

Pittsburgh families should be especially concerned about radon in their homes because radon levels in Pittsburgh are much higher than the national average. While one in 15 homes nationally have a radon problem, in Pittsburgh that number is four out of 10, and even higher in surrounding counties. Radon tests only take 30 minutes to set up. Home Radon Pros will come in and set up a continuous radon monitor which collects readings of the radon levels in your home every hour for two to three days. After this time, Home Radon Pros will review the results of your radon test with you. If your tests come back at unsafe levels, Home Radon Pros is certified in radon mitigation services and can help bring your home levels down to safe conditions. 80% of homes can solve their radon problems for under $1,000 dollars, Kail says.

For more information on radon issues, you can visit Home Radon Pros’ website at, where homeowners can find a wealth of information on radon gas, how it affects homes and how it affects the people living in those homes. To schedule a radon test, you can call Home Radon Pros at 412.584.0799. Home Radon Pros is a family business, locally owned and certified by the Department of Environmental Protection, serving Pittsburgh and its suburbs. Home Radon Pros is offering a $20 discount off of the regular price of $159.00 to those who mention the IN community magazine article.

Home Radon Pros Peters Township
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