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Radon in South Park

Updated: May 31, 2020

South Park Pennsylvania is beautiful area located just south of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. It is filled with incredible greenery, spectacular homes, and a diverse group of people. Despite its aesthetics, South Park, like many other communities in the Pittsburgh area, is not safe from the dangers of Radon gas. South Park Radon is a serious problem that most of its residents are probably unaware of.

For those who do not know, Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is the cause of 21,000 lung cancer related deaths every single year in the United States. This means, even if you do not smoke, you are at risk for Radon induced lung cancer.

But is South Park an area that has high Radon levels? If it is, how would someone living in South Park know if their Radon levels were elevated? What can a family do to protect themselves from Radon? Lucky for those living in the area, Home Radon Pros has all the information surrounding Radon in South Park and how families living in the area can protect themselves from it.

Radon in South Park


South Park Radon Levels

South Park is home to over five and a half thousand households. For both zip codes within South Park, 15219 and 15236, 4,508 Radon tests have been completed in its history. Below is the break down of the Radon levels in South Park Pennsylvania:

South Park Radon Levels

The EPA recommends action for Radon at a level of 4.0. Most of South Park has Radon levels above or near this. This is comparative to other areas within Pittsburgh as 40% of all homes in Allegheny county have elevated Radon levels. A max Radon level of 283 is extremely dangerous and should have action taken immediately

But how do you know what your Radon level is? If you cannot taste, see, or smell Radon, how do you know if your family is being harmed?


Radon Testing in South Park

So you live in South Park, and you want to know if your home has high Radon levels? The only way to know what your home's Radon level is, is to have Radon testing conducted in your home. When completed by a Radon professional, Radon testing is easy and accurate. At Home Radon Pros, we use CRMs, or Continuous Radon Monitors that give hourly readings to accurately determine how much Radon is coming into a family's home.

Two types of Radon testing can be done: long term testing and short term testing. Long term Radon testing will give you a better picture of how Radon impacts your home throughout a long period of time. This type of testing typically takes 90 or more days. Short term Radon testing will give you a snap shot on your home and can give you a good idea on if you will need to take action or not.

After you have had your radon test completed, your Radon professional should review your results with you and tell you exactly how your Radon level is impacting you. At Home Radon Pros, we will give you a detailed report out of each hours level and go over what actions we would recommend if it were our home. If you decide that further action is needed, we will walk you through the options you can take to protect your loved ones.


South Park Radon Removal

So you've taken the first step in keeping your family safe from Radon gas by having your home tested. You find out your home has higher Radon than you deem safe for you and your family, but what's next?

The next step in the Radon process is to install a Radon mitigation system, or Radon removal system. This system will help drastically lower the amount of Radon in your home by creating a depressurized zone underneath your foundation. A Radon fan will then pull the air up above your home and expel it above your roof line, far away from the lungs of you and your family.

At Home Radon Pros, we will walk your home with you and determine the best type of Radon mitigation system for your home. We only use top quality Radon fans from local Radon manufacturer FESTA Radon Technologies. We also provide a free follow up Radon test to ensure you levels are safe. We provide Radon mitigation systems for all South Park residents.


Home Radon Pros: Why We Care About Radon and South Park

South Park Radon Level

Our story begins in 2017 when we lost a loved one to the battle of lung cancer. What surprised us was how something so tragic could happen to someone who never smoked a day in their life. Although the time was difficult, understanding the why and the how was important to us.

After speaking with several doctors, we discovered that Radon gas has the ability to cause lung cancer, even in those who do not smoke. Radon was something we had never heard of before, but after further research, discovered it was something very common to the Pittsburgh area where our beloved mother/grandmother had spent a large majority of their life. Understanding its prominence in the area, we decided to have radon testing conducted in her home; The results were terrifying.

The home came back almost three times over the recommended EPA level. She was living in a Radon induced home for over 40 years, and had no idea it was impacting her health, and unfortunately, would result in us losing her.

Although tragic, this event caused Bill and Zan to realize the severity of Radon and the impact it can have on the thousands of families in the Pittsburgh area. Bill and Zan did not want others to go through the same turmoil, and they created Home Radon Pros to give Pittsburgh a solution to Radon.

The vision of Home Radon Pros is; to protect Pittsburgh families from the dangers of Radon through Radon mitigation and Radon testing practices; to educate local communities in order to spread the seriousness of Radon to those who are unaware; and to assure families that their health and well-being is safe with quality products and services that will last beyond the first interaction

Home Radon Pros will be attending the 2019 South Park Community day on September 21st. We encourage all families to stop by and meet us. We can answer any questions you have, or talk with you about why we are so passionate about solving the Radon problem in Pittsburgh. Our goal is to protect more families each and every day.

If you are interested in any of our Radon services, please contact us , visit our website at, email us directly at, or give us a call at 412-584-0799. We are happy to hear from you.

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